A downloadable Garbage Game for Windows and macOS

Play as a brave heroic Cube Man to fight a evil blue cube boss to save the Beautiful Cylinder Princess.  

Install instructions

1: Dowload the file

2: locate the new file in "Documents"

3: drag file to desktop or home screen of your pc

4: double click the file

4.5: if you need to dowload BuildBox, dowload it.

5:  if it opens and loads, in the top right corner, there is a Grey arrow pointing to the Right

6: click the little grey arrow

7: wait for the game to load and open.

8: once upon opening the game should have a screen that says. click to start!

9: click the start button and have fun (click the text that says click here to start)  


Cube Man Adventure 1.02..bbdoc 4 MB

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